Last week = total garbage.

So, it’s Tuesday evening, and my kids are sick, and so am I (I’m so over sickness, seriously).  I’m missing class. I go to finish up the paper I’m writing for 515 and when I “select all” in order to change the font so it all matches (the last thing I need to do), the program I’m using (libre office) crashes.  Like 10 times.  No matter how I try to fix the problem.  The message that my OS was experiencing an internal error kept popping up.  So I say to heck with it, and copy paste the document into Google so I can finish it and turn it in.  Makes sense, right?  Sure.  Until my stupid internet quits working (my OS seriously hates me sometimes–annoyingly, usually in the middle of the semester).

I worked like 40 hours last week, and just frankly gave up on getting things to cooperate with me.  Eventually (this weekend) I convinced my computer to load in the other OS.  Now I have internet, and I’m playing catch up.  I missed the paper, and I missed most of a week of blogs and online coursework.  So, yeah, that sucked.  Still does, in fact, as I scramble to get everything done with one kid still sick (she goes to the doctor in the morning).

I don’t have an excuse, nor would I offer one.  I could have gone to the library after work.  I didn’t.

My new mantra: things are going to move forward in amazingly productive and positive ways.  That’s right, it’s long, but I mean every word of it.


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