Peer Evaluation from EDC MOOC

So…wow, I got some really nice reviews from our peers in the Coursera class.

When I clicked the link, I had two of the assessment paragraphs, shown below:
peer 2 → A beautiful collection of youtube videos on a google-docs presentation – well constructed story that is moving, addresses the concerns and hopes outlined in the course around the potential (both good and bad) of what technology brings us. Clearly the authors understands multiple elements of the course – weaving use of digital tech into a story that highlights key themes. The choice of the media was good – the one piece I would critique is the choice of background of the slides – which seemed in discord to the rest of the artefact. I was in tears throughout – it certainly stimulated a reaction. Good job.

peer 3 → Some fantastic videos that really capture the essence and understand of technology and humans and our sometimes clumsy interaction. Very well presented artifact and has obviously grasped the full understand of the course. The last video was quite emotional and a very clear message in this day and age that is often overlooked, simple words is still the master.
and one “overall impression”:
peer 2 → Fabulous collection of videos woven through a google docs presentation. The background of the slides did not work well with the piece – but the author should not be penalized for that. Clearly, they fully understood the concepts of the course.
I’m not sure what this means… “Your grade is 2, which is simply the grade you received from your peers.”  Do they do more evaluation of our projects…?

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