Prospective Literacy Events (Practicum)

Okay, so, trying to get to my daughter’s school to do observations has been nothing short of a comedy of errors.  Except that it really isn’t funny.  Either it’s break, or my kid is sick, or school is closed, or I get called in to work, or my babysitter falls through AT THE LAST MINUTE.  Seriously, every. single. blinking. time.  GAH!

Anyway, I am going this afternoon, but I am thinking that my literacy event will look something like me interviewing one or more students (very informally, if there’s time) after the teacher reads from the novel she’s been reading to the class.  We are reading the same series at home (Junie B. Jones – she’s hilarious), so I might end up doing some stuff with my daughter at home.  I just don’t know.  I want to see what the students’ reactions are to being read to, and what they do while they are listening (purportedly, at any rate).  I am curious as to how she sets up the kids for the story, as in how do they sit, how does she introduce the activity, things like that.  Of course, based on further observation, I might change my literacy event.

Based on the times I have spent a few minutes in the room here and there, I imagine that they sit in a circle on the rug…but I look forward to seeing how it all works.


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